First Response

Oh wow. I was fairly wide awake when I saw that little email subject line as a bleary-eyed opened my inbox this morning, the subject line which read “UCAS Application Status Notification”.

Hastily, I clicked the link, read that one of the universities had made a decision regarding my application, and went to the website to see which one and what they had decided.

It was Newcastle University. They had invited me to join their English and Creative Writing program–pending the completion of my AA with a 3.5 GPA minimum.

I won’t lie. Newcastle was one of my filler universities, one that I applied to to cover my bases. I had to go look them up again to know what it was I was getting into. Here’s the specs, for my purposes, any way:

NewCastle University

Overall Ranking in the UK: 26/126

Ranking English Department in the UK8/126

World Ranking: 167/16,000 (This might not be an accurate number, in regards of how many universities there are. The only solid number I could find was 16,000 institutions, which might include community colleges as well).

High scores inStudent Satisfaction, Graduation Prospects, Greenness

Student to teacher Ratio: 15.6

Acceptance Rate: unavailable

I don’t think that I can respond to them yet, since I haven’t finished my Liberal AA yet. I don’t want to reply yet any way, I still have four more schools to hear back from, and two more to apply to in the US. I suppose I should get on that.


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