Attempt at scholarships

I received and email from one of the administration people with whom I’ve recently been in contact, encouraging me to apply for a scholarship that was coming to a close on Monday. She said she thought I would be a perfect candidate, and I should be sure to apply.

I began my application process yesterday. I wrote my essay, and got half way through the tedium of answering the hundreds of questions, trying to descipher what counted a community work vs. school work or work work and so on and so forth, until I had to go to class. I saved the application and headed out of the computer lab.

This morning I went to work on it again, and COULD NOT FIND WHERE THE HELL TO RESUME! This was extremely frustrating. For the first fifteen minutes of searching, I couldn’t even find the scholarship. After I did find the scholarship, I saw no way to resume the application.

I went to the email which was sent to me to confirm that I had started the application. There was no link to get back to it, only an email address. I went back to the website and continued to look, searching forums, Googling questions on how to do this and so on.

Finally, I actually read the email that was sent to me. As it would turn out, I didn’t save the application, I submitted the application. The one that could send $12,000 towards the next four years of my education–yes, this very one–is now the recipient of a half-assed essay I planned to go back over and re-write, and a partially completed application.

Well done, Nicola. Well done.


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