Everything Happens….NOW

I’m kind of blurry-eyed right now. everything is happening right now. Just right now.

of course, with the mark of November begins NaNoWriMo. I’m participating, yet I am so far behind on my word count. I should be reaching somewhere in the mid 6k as far as my word count goes, and I’m about 3k short. Not to worry. Tomorrow morning I leave to head to Salt Lake City to the National Conference of Peer Tutors in Writing to give my presentation. There will be evenings on my own, which will give me ample time to write and catch up. I present on Saturday afternoon, about which I’ll post more, later.

Yesterday I got an email say that the University of Nottingham had accepted me. That makes two out of my five applied for that have accepted me. Granted, New Castle and Nottingham are my bottom choices, but the fact that I have choices made me pretty happy.

But then today happened. Due to some silly social drama and a few other things, I wasn’t having the best of mornings. Then I got another email, this one was from Durham University – which is accepting me as well! I was so happy that I started crying! I couldn’t help it–my top choice university accepted me into their English with Philosophy program. I’m elated with joy.

So, that’s my last 36 hours. How was yours?


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