On My Way to NCPTW 2015

The first part of my journey is done, though it didn’t take me very far. I got up at 4 after a fantastic gin-filled evening to be at the Bellingham airport at 5 this morning to catch a 6am flight. Unfortunately, it was just going to Seattle, and there is a two hour layover here before we head onward to Portland, and then to Salt Lake City. But thus is the nature of the travel.

While my boss (in the Writing Center) and I waited for our plane, we ran into another teacher in the English department at Whatcom–the one who has been extremely supportive as well as gave a verbal recommendation for me to all my UK schools. She was off to a conference as well to present her paper on women in Edgar Allen Poe’s literature (I would LOVE to read this paper), and also onward to Portland, though (smartly) via direct flight.

The flight wasn’t too bad. I have severe flight anxiety, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned in travel posts previously, but I was lucky enough to be between the kindness of my boss and the kindness of a stranger, who kept conversation going the whole flight. I made a friend. It was good.

So now I find myself in the food court waiting for the next flight in an hour. My boss has gone to do some wandering, and I am sitting here scolding myself for not writing my NaNoWriMo story (I should be writing!). She gave me some herbal calm-down stuff, and I have some homeopathic calm-down chews. So between that and the 16 ounce coffee I chugged, my brain isn’t really certain what it should be doing (fantastic time to write!). Thus, I am blogging.

More to come, when I arrive in Salt Lake City. I’ve never been. The majority of what I know is from what I saw on that movie, SLC Punks. I”m sure that it’ll be an interesting, and vastly different experience.


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