“Free” time

Now that I’m done with school (kinda), I’m confronted with the dilemma of what I’m going to do with my time. Now that I don’t have homework to do (and believe you me, that’s really been messing with me) or classes to be in, I’m at odds with myself as to what I should be focusing on.

Of course I have to get another job. Thankfully the writing center has offered to keep me on, and it’s something I’d really like, since it would keep me in the academic mind set. However, they can’t give me any more than 16 hours a week. I can stay on with Gothberg Farms, but it’s the winter, and the last market is this weekend, which we cancelled due to the terrible turn-out last weekend.

As it stands, I did manage to get myself a part time job–the day of my last class, in fact. However, it is just a part time job, only 15-20 hours a week. I’ll write more on that experience later.

Between my three jobs, I can pay off my credit card bills, which is the ultimate goal. But they still leave me, oddly, with some free time.

I’m fairly blessed where I live. Right now, as I huddle in the basement typing this out, it’s freezing cold, though not cold enough to snow, and it’s grey and miserable. Despite this, there is greenery around me, and hills and mountains to climb, and look outs to be explored. I want to do all the things of Bellingham and the west side of Washington State that I can while I’m still in the state.

I want to catch up on all the reading I’ve been neglecting since I started school (which is ironic, since I wanted to major in English so I would read more), catch up on writing, and begin sending out short stories for publishing. This last thing is terrifying, but it’s a way of possibly making money and getting out there a bit.

There are plenty of things for me to do out there. I just have to remember that I like doing them, and what it is that I did. My last relationship made me forget a lot about me, and what I like. Now that I’ve got a break between Whatcom and whatever university I move on to, I can try and remember what it is that I enjoyed doing, and who it is that was muffled.

I hoping for good things during my “free” time.

Last night I made truffles. Today I’m going to begin my applications for Columbia University and Harvard. I might even do a bit of reading. Who knows. Tomorrow I might edit a story or two. Golly!


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