The New Job

As mentioned previously, I did manage to get myself a new job. I’m working in the warehouse of a local coffee roaster, Tony’s Coffee. It’s a good job, in the sense that it’s small, it’s local, and that they look after their employees. However, it is only 15-20 hours and it is tedious work.

Having just completed my first week there, I wanted to share a few bits of my thoughts.

  1. I have an insane amount of time to think.
    I am there for five hours each shift, and there is really nothing to it to my job.
  2. People don’t give packaging enough respect.
    When you get a pound or 12 oz of coffee, and it has the little bendy thing at the top that helps you tie your bag closed–respect the crap out of that. My fingers are bleeding from tying those things down. What’s more, the stickers on the bag are put on by hand! That means that the sticker that says “whole beans”, the sticker that says the blend or roast of the coffee, as well as the bar code scanner–all put on individually.
  3. It is possible to dislike the smell of coffee.
    I didn’t think it was so,but it is. I’ve worked three days there, and it’s not that the place stinks. It smells delicious. But when I come home and smell it on my clothes I can’t stand it.

That’s it really, there isn’t a whole lot to learn there. I’ve literally been putting on tin-ties and stickers so far. I hear that next week I’ll be learning the next “repetitive task”. Part of me hopes it’s more challenging, but given that Monday is my birthday, I’m hoping it’s fairly simple.

However, there was a sinking moment as I worked and got to talking to some of my co-workers. There is one guy who just completed his Masters degree, in the UK even. I thought we would have tons to talk about. Nope. He is bitter because he just finished his master’s degree to become a teacher and is packaging coffee instead. What’s more, there’s another guy there that majored in creative writing, and yet another person who got a writing degree who works there as well. That makes four employees, including myself, that all majored in a degree that was said to be versatile and well sought after, who couldn’t find related jobs.

I’m trying not to let it get me down. After all, while they were good students, I’ve worked hard to get noticed. I’m not saying they didn’t, because I haven’t a clue what they achieved. But I have been awarded for my work, published, and given a talk at a national conference,  while acting as a tutor and piloting a mentor program. I’m hoping all those things count for something, any way.

The argument of course is that I’m still working in a warehouse tying tin-ties. But I’m in between schools. I wanted a job that was instant and fast, not necessarily in my field of study. I’m leaving it in September, so all that really matters is that it helps me to pay my credit card bills.

I could of course be deluding myself. But I can’t think that I’m going through all of this for nothing. I can’t believe that I’m about to get myself into a mountain of debt for my education just to not ever work in my desired field. I refuse.

And that’s that.


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