First one here

It’s a quarter past five in the morning, and here I sit, in my boyfriend’s car which he so kindly leant me, outside the coffee warehouse, waiting to be let in. The job is finally improving (though in writing this, I hope I don’t jinx it). I’ve been bumped up to full time-three ten hour shifts starting at five in the morning. I had my first day of it yesterday, which also marked my first day without mistake.

This morning has been a struggle to get out of bed. I didn’t sleep well last night due to my bad shoulder and various other things, and four o clock was just not being my friend. However, I managed, and managed to get here five minutes early…except no one else has. In fact, I’m sitting outside, in 35 degree January weather, watching the minutes that should be on my time card slipping away.

Needless to say, I’m wearing a wet cat face of disdain.


A Reluctant Argument for Star Wars


I was going to, due to the many negative associations I have with it, but I finally but the bullet and saw the new Star Wars movie.

Regardless of my opinion of it, I’ve been drawn, since, to many articles and opinion pieces written on it. I’ve read a handful, which is more than I expected to, and analyzed them. They’ve swayed me to go back and watch episodes 4-6 and then go back to 7 again with a note pad and pen to take notes.

But more than wondering what it is that I’ve missed that all these articles feel the need to write about, I’m intrigued with everyone’s need to read, watch and write Star Wars. I’ve been in countless discussions over the years, and due to my ex’s obsession with the movies and the books in the Extended Universe, I know far more than I’ve ever wanted to know about it. But what is it that draws people into it?

I finally realized it while texting my bestie yesterday, relaying to him somewhat sheepishly that I had been to see the film–disputes my various vows against it woven between colorful cursing words. He immediately said he wanted to get together to discuss it. It was then that in dawned on me that Stat Wars was the philosophical outlet for those who don’t consider themselves to be philosophically inclined.

The entire concepts of the Force, of the light side and dark side, the nature of balance, is philosophy in itself. Then going through and tracking the complexity of how this universe works, the lineage, the strategy –this is all feeding the public’s want and need for critical and deep thought, but in a popularized way.

Even the age-old discussion of who shot first regarding episode 4, has become philosophical in nature. I have heard people who have never uttered an intelligent thought in my presence pick apart the backstories and critically analyze the likelihood of which gun shot first under that table.

So while I might scoff, and perhaps feel some residual anger in the direction of Star Wars based on my own experiences, I realize the necessity of the series in our culture, and can only hope that writers today can further create such popularized media to inspire the public to flicker that light of thought that we all have and begin exercising our brains.