The University Update

I was told by UCAS (which is the website through which I applied to all my UK schools) that I can’t accept any of my offers until I hear from each of the schools that I’ve applied to. I’ve been waiting on the University of Exeter for quite some time now.

Finally, yesterday morning I got an email from them. I was thrilled! I just want to be able to say “yes” to Durham and be done with it. However, Exeter was simply reminding me that they haven’t received the documents they requested, and that I had until the first of March to send them.


I looked back in my email history, and sure enough, there was the email requesting my transcripts upon completion, sent in November–while I was in Salt Lake City, no less. I suppose that considering my location at the time, and that I was preparing to give a talk at a conference at that time, it’s forgivable that it slipped my mind, especially since I wasn’t to graduate until a month later. However, I sent off my transcript last night, and hopefully will hear from them again.

I also heard from Durham yesterday morning. I was informed that I had been accepted into Van Mildert College. Since I was under the impression that I had to apply to get into a college, I was quite pleased, though plan on turning it down. That being said, as I read more into it, it seemed as though the college isn’t quite what I had expected. I thought that colleges were rather like the dorms over here, just the community with which you lived. However, the website talks of their nightlife, the instructors and so on, which causes me to question whether or not I should be staying at the college.

I haven’t really had too much time to look into the matter with much depth yet, however, it’s something that I will be sharing my research on.


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