Handling the “No”

As I mentioned in a post last week (or was it the week before?), I received my first rejection for my writing. After getting over myself, I read the comments and worked on the points presented to me. 

They were great points, and I feel like I was really able to advance my story. I sent it off before the deadline of the re-write (a shocking phenomenon to procrastinators such as myself), and have been waiting the results since. 

Last night I got my response: another rejection. 

However, be that as it may, I’m not overly distraught about it. It’s simply a matter of the publisher looking for something that isn’t what I’m showing them, and I’m ok with that. I dont want to alter this story to fit their needs. Of course, there are times when that is called for, but not with this story. 

It has given me some directions though, some things to think about to help ground it and make it more solid. 

This experience has given me more than a “no”, it has showed me that I can take the “no” and not be destroyed by it. I can handle the suggestions and rejection and  build on it. As I write this, my eyes are blurring from exhaustion, my stomach growling from lack of breakfast, and I’m only on my ten minute break from filling coffee bags at work–but through all the things that should be putting me at my wits end, sending me to my negative place and bringing tears to my eyes, I sit here quite happily in understanding of my next steps and my confidence built. I’m not handling the “no” because I feel there is nothing to handle. I understand it and with that I can move on.


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