I think it was about the beginning of March that I sent off my transcripts to Exeter University, after they finally contacted me. They are the last university I need to get an answer from before I am able to confirm with Durham that yes, I’d like to secure my position there. As mentioned in other blog posts, I applied through UCAS, and must get a response from all of the programs I applied to before I give any of them an answer to their offers. 

At the time that I got my handbook  from the philosophy department from Durham, I received an email from Exeter asking for my transcripts. Here it is, 11 days into April and I have finally heard from them. 

They want more information.

They requested that I give a detailed outline of the English classes I’ve taken, as well as an estimate of how many hours a week I’ve spent with English literature, and how many hours a week I’ve spent with the English Language. 

In all honesty, I’ve only spent a quarter with English literature, the rest has been from the rest of the world. I could use my time as a tutor in the Writing Center to count towards my hours, especially my time tutoring ESLA students. Part of me wants to say screw it, they’re not going to get back to me in time anyway, I should cancel my application to them.

…but then the ego yells at me that j want to get accepted to 5/5 universities I applied to. 


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