The date is set!

I’m pleased to say, finally, a mile marker has been reached. Granted it’s not a grand mild marker but I suppose it really depends on who you are and what you define as a mile marker. 
However, given that it was two years ago exactly (well, three days ago it was two years ago exactly) that I began my journey back to school, thinking I wouldn’t be able to go further than the University in my own back yard, and only being able to muster two very part time jobs along the way, I’m quite thrilled with this.

After much scrimping and saving, debating and searching, plotting and planning, my boyfriend and I have finally bought out plane tickets to England.

This was was a surprisingly difficult feat. After a traffic offense or two, my boyfriend has been banned from Canada (which, for those of you who don’t live near Canada, is an extremely easy thing to do). So as a result, we had to find an alternative route. The problem was that flying from Seattle was thick the expense as flying from Canada, so it was a little bit out of the option. So it made sense to go to LA simply because my dad and sisters live in California, and if I do it right, I can stop and see them on the way to the airport. 

I feel relieved now that plane tickets are bought. Nothing ever seems real until that step is out of the way for me. 

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