I got impatient: I said “yes”.

As I mentioned in a somewhat recent post that I was getting impatient with Exeter. They have repeatedly taken their sweet time getting back to me, and when they do, they ask for more information, then take upwards of a month and a half to get back to me. Because I have a deadline by which to reply to my other universities, I made a decision: I killed my ego.

It was my ego that wanted to see Exeter out, that wanted to jump the hoops they set through to me, to be able to say that I had been accepted into all the universities I applied for. But seriously, they were taking their time just to stress me out, I’m convinced of it. SO I withdrew my application from them.

I withdrew, and with that act I also chose Durham as my top choice university (my “firm yes”) and placed the University of Nottingham as my back up school, should, for whatever reason, I not actually receive my placement at Durham.

So that’s my big news of the day. Now, I wait…..some more.

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