Continual troubles with Sallie Mae

I can’t tell if this is on my part or Sallie Mae, or if this is an omen I should be paying very close attention to. 

When I couldn’t get on the website the other day, it was the international partnership of Sallie Mae. So after emailing Durham, asking if I missed the deadline, they suggested an alternative link, which was to the direct, local version of the website. I had to make an account. As soon as I did so, I began getting email after email from Sallie Mae. I got seven emails from them just today. 

However, because I wasn’t able to enter in that I have two jobs, I they declined my application–at least independently. So I had to ask for a co-signer which makes me extremely uncomfortable. After getting through the application for the co-signer, for the most part, it began telling us that she needed to make her own account to finish up her application for a student loan. We went back to double check that she was on track for a co-signing application, which we were. Then it wouldn’t let us continue forward and times out. 

I went to go log back in and it didn’t recognize my username, email (which I know damn well they know how I used after my seven emails from them), my social or anything I used to try and get into my account. In he mean time, I’m now getting text messages  from Sallie Mae to finish my application.

It creeps me out how persistent they have been trying to get me to finish my application. Six of the seven emails I got from them were telling me that I needed to finish my application or to get the co-signer application finished. It makes me wonder why it is that they are so desperate that I get this finished, and wonder what then collecting payments is going to be like. I’m already terrified about taking out a private loan, and this is not making me feel any more comfortable. 

There has to be another way. 


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