Applying for Writing Gigs…Kind of

I’ve been applying for editing jobs online, trying to figure out a way that I can keep my head in the game, and work toward building my resume for my potential job when I finish college. I’ve heard back from two, both saying that I’m hired. One asked for my wage and availability, which I gave them. They said they’d let me know when they had an opening for me.

The other one got back to me, sent me the tutorial that I had to complete, which was simple enough. It was basically going over the philosophy of the company, what it means to be an editor for them and so on. It’s everything I’ve been doing in the writing center any way, plus being able to edit the mistakes the writer makes, which is fine by me.

I have three sample papers I have to edit. I’ll get to do them after the previous one is reviewed. I just finished my first one. They told me I had nine hours to complete it–no problem. I downloaded it. It was a 12 page paper, a Nursing paper, and it was a Literature Review needed to be done in APA formatting. All of these things are my enemies. I hate nursing papers so much! And I somehow managed to get through all my classes to get my Associate’s degree without taking a class that required APA formatting–don’t ask me how I did that–but I did. However, end result, while I can kind of get through it, it’s really not my strong suit.

The paper took me four hours to get through–mostly because I had to keep double checking myself. Hopefully that intensity will literally pay off. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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