The Voting Fear

I’m tired. I’m getting attacked, tagged in posts on Facebook, and ridiculed, saying that we shouldn’t be fighting for what’s right because we are afraid of the political results. The United States was founded on the right to vote, we were meant to be able to see corruption and stand against it. We saw an unfairness–those who were women, non-land owners, black men, black women, Chinese, Native Americans–and we fought to make the change so that everyone could vote (though even now that’s wavering). We left a monarchy so that each and everyone of our voices could be heard, so that the people would decide what was right.

But right now, we’re being played. Both sides of the democratic and republican parties are playing the public, and a massive amount see it, but they are too afraid to do anything about it, despite our constitutional rights. For all of those who love guns, this is why we have the right to bear arms–so that we don’t put up with being bullied and put into these predicaments (let it be known, I’m not condoning going and shooting anywhere or anyone. I’m making a reference to what the forefathers meant by ensuring that we were able to keep our guns).
I don’t want Clinton, I don’t want Trump. The reality, is we’ll probably have one of them. But I also think that if we can remember that THERE’S MORE THAN JUST TWO PARTIES, then we can break this cycle of voting for the lesser evil. But it means standing up to fear, and telling it that it won’t control you.
Fear is a fight or flight mechanism: You can either run away from it, which does nothing except perpetuate the fear, or you can fight it. If you fight it, then you learn that you’re stronger than it, that you can make a difference. The only thing that comes from running from the fear is momentary safety, until the source of that efar threatens you again. Do you really want to be running for the rest of your life?
I’m not saying vote Jill Stein, or remain Bernie, or whatever. I’m saying DO NOT VOTE OUT OF FEAR. Stay informed. Do your research. Be strong. Be brave. Make a difference.

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