Morning Pages Experiment

This is my first attempt at morning pages, sort of. I wanted to post what I wrote mostly for other people to sort of see what the process is like. So, here it goes:

I suppose you could consider this to be my first set of morning pages. I heard about it on a podcast this morning, and I wasn’t really certain what it was that they were talking about. Apparently, there is a way to get the creative mind going by writing three pages with whatever it is that you want firs thing in the morning. Well, seeing as I’ve been up for three hours already, it’s not quite first thing in the morning. However, I do want to start setting up my own writing routine. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that since I don’t’ have a set schedule at the moment, but I can certainly give it a go.

One other thing that I was listening about on that podcast was the idea of doing 25 minutes spurts, where you set aside 25 minutes for one task, you turn off your internet and phone, and do only that one task, and then give yourself a five minute break. It helps to keep you focused. Especially since the obsessions with Facebook and social media and having a smartphone which connects me to the world, I certainly have developed somewhat of an inability to stay on task for more than a few minutes. As it is now, I have to keep myself from looking at the screen. If I do look at the screen, then I’m going to go back and edit all my typos and the like, and then I’ll lose my train of through, which defeats the purpose

As it is, I’m writing in a font that my windows 10 deleted from my version of Word, which upset me. It’s my favorite font. I’m on the computer at the college, which still has this font. However, it’s very much smaller in size 12 than Times New Roman is. It’s about equivalent to an 8 point font. I’m wondering how many pages I should write if I’m typing this out just so. Granted, in the exercise that was initially set forth years ago, they were talking bout hand writing for three pages. Typing is very different. I suppose it would be advantageous of me to go for three typed pages, especially since my font size is so small. But I think that might just go for a full page of this small font. I do plan on going back and editing this entry and posting it as a blog entry. By editing, I mean fixing the typos. I’ll keep the words as they are. I mostly want to use this as an example of what can be done. I should have looked at the time before I started this. I think I did. I think it said that it was 9:21. At this point then I’ve been typing for about six minutes.

I suppose this isn’t my first free write like this that I’ve done. I have a few of them on my computer, where I told myself I would write for just fifteen minutes, about anything and everything. As long as it came to my head. It’s kind of like a meditation. You notice and express what’s in your head, but you are going through it so fast that you don’t have time to dwell on it. I suppose that the correlation to meditation is that during meditation, you’re trying to still your mind. But you don’t want to halt and stop any thoughts that are come thing rough and disturbing the stillness, but rather you just want to let them go, let them pass through. That’s what I’m doing. I’m trying to get my brain in the mind for writing, and thus I’m just letting whatever words I have pass through me. Who knows, maybe somewhere in here there will be some inspiration.

Damn, I’m running out of things to think about, or so I think. I think that I just finished that last thought and I haven’t given myself time for a new through to come through. Damn, I looked at the screen. I’m at just under 700 words and not even to a full page yet. I’ve been typing for eight minutes. That’s not really a good way of doing this. After all, as soon as I start looking at numbers, I’m sure that I’ll be debilitated by them, wanting to strive for something higher, feeling as though I haven’t really done as much as I have. But this isn’t a competition. It’s an exercise. It’s like stretching. There’s no such thing as winning at stretching—unless you’re in a yoga competition I suppose.

Man, my wrist is actually starting to hurt from this. I blame the school keyboards. They’re really stiff in the button area. They make it a little more difficult to type. They also have tall buttons. I think a lot about keyboards. There’s a lot of specifics I look for. I want a satisfying click. Sometimes, I want a different click than other times. That’s when it’s handy to have both my laptop and my desktop. Their keyboards click differently. It’s weird how that makes a difference.

I was thinking about that the other day, actually. I find that I’m very texture oriented. When I crave foods, I don’t actually crave the food itself, but rather the texture. For example, I often want crunchy things. When I think of tacos, I think of crunchy tacos, not traditional ones. And when I want them, really I just want the taco shell. I’m the same with pasta. I often crave the al dente texture of pasta rather than the pasta itself. It’s really interesting, since it comes through in my preferences and moods for writing. Sometimes I want to feel the smoothness of a pen on paper. Sometimes I want the slightly gritty feeling of a pencil on paper. Sometimes, I really want just a delicate tick of my laptop computer. I feel like the latter helps me to think that my thoughts are just being transferred by magic, since it’s so quiet and easy to type on, I can forget I’m doing anything other than simply thinking. And sometimes I just want that bold, loud tap of the keyboard that the school keyboards (well, some of them) give me, or that my desk top gives me.

Man, I don’t know what to do with my desk top when I move to England. I don’t want to let it go. There’s some software on it that was…gifted to me. Yeah, we’ll say “gifted”. But I don’t’ want to lose that software, and I’m too computer ignorant to know how to get it off the computer and onto another one. I wonder if I should sell it. I really like that computer. Other than doing some video editing, there’s not a whole lot that’s filling it. It’s a little bit older though, like 4 years. I keep thinking that if I should it, I probably wouldn’t get too much for it. I thought about donating it to a friend that would need it, but honestly, I kind of need the money. I don’t know, maybe I should sell it.

Alright, so I’ve reached about a page and a third. I’m at just under 1200 words, actually, more than that now since my word count is a little bit slower than I am. I’ve bene writing for fifteen minutes. I should probably stop. I want to keep going through. This is good, I like this. Thought because I plant to post this in my blog, for the sake of the reader, I should probably stop.

But should I stop if I want to keep going? If you’re jonesing to keep going during an exercise, should you interrupt yourself? Perhaps thought, putting those limitations, stopping at a certain time, is good for the discipline of it. Yeah, that’s probably the case. I should give it a go. I’m going to switch the font back to Times, see how far this writing actually got me. Maybe I did write the full three pages. I will say though, if I weren’t typing all this out, then my hand would be super cramped at this point. But then again, if I were hand writing this, I wouldn’t’ have written this much in this short of time.

Ok, seriously though, I’m going to stop. It’s going to happen. The problem is that I can see the word count out of the corner of my eye. It’s edging so close to 1500 words. It’d be really neat to get to 1500 words in 15 minutes. But then again, I have passed the 15 minute mark about three minutes ago, so I suppose I failed that. But then again, it could be a goal of mine.

Alright, for realsies now, I’m going to stop. I still have to edit this entry before I post it. Ok, here I go…totally going to stop…in eleven more words…I’m totally trying to get to that 1500 and there I go! Goal hit J

Also, I did get to the third page after getting to Times New Roman, but only about a fifth of the way down it. I’m not sure how much that counts though.

In case you are wondering, the ending word count for this, plus this entry is 1605. That’s nearly a day’s worth of writing for NaNoWriMo. Imagine how much you could do in an hour or two if you mastered writing fiction in this way!


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