Finding a Job Abroad

As I mentioned in previous entries, it’s getting to be crunch time. I’m getting down to my last few weeks in the US before school. So what are the things I need to line up?

  • Job
  • Classes
  • Housing
  • Job

Yeah, a job is on there twice because I really need to make sure I get one. I’ve bene looking half heartedly for a while, but now I’m getting myself registered with temp agencies and online job-finding sites. I spent three hours on just trying to fill out my CV and make it look impressive.

It’s interesting. I always think I have such great work experience and a strong resume until I actually start writing it out, then I realize it looks indecisive and like a 20-something’s resume (I wonder why that could be).

While I say that I’m done working this disposable jobs, which is why I started school to begin with, I am generally really proud of what I do, and work hard to show it. I love my goat cheese gig, and want to ensure that I can be as informative and professional as possible. I love being able to work with writers and help students in the ESLA program at the college–which directly relates to my career goals. I was proud to be a caregiver, even when everyone else I knew was a caregiver at one point and it wasn’t a particularly unique job. And while being at the coffee shop was not without it’s annoyances, I was still extremely proud that I was a manager there.

But when it gets to the dates, I get nervous. I just wish an employer would be interested in Skyping me to see who I am and how professional and hard working I can be. On paper, I just don’t think I look that good. I keep hearing all those positive affirmations that go go along with getting the career you want going through my head, and so I ask for a slightly higher than average wage, and I apply for jobs that might be slightly out of my know-how and comfort zone. But at the end of the day, I’m willing to say yes to most things that come my way, and make the effort.

Though none of that comes through on a CV. They just see the 14 jobs I’ve worked in my time and think that I can’t hold anything down. They don’t know that I prefer to work for smaller businesses since they contribute more to the economy and the greater good than corporations, and as a result, many times those small businesses lose to the coporations and close down. Potential employers don’t know that I was only at certain jobs becuase of this or becuase my employers knew they were only going to hire me for a couple of months because I was moving. None of that comes through on paper.

But we shall see. I’m hoping I can find ways to look better any way. We shall see.


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