Finish Lines Sprint!

I’m coming down to my last hours in Bellingham for a while. I’m finishing my last shift of my last job. I hate being jobless.

I finish work in two hours, before going home to have a family dinner and frantically searching for anything I might have neglected to pack, followed by hmming and hawing over whether or not my suitcases are within the weight limit. Then we go to my boyfriend’s mom’s house, to sleep for two hours at best before getting up to leave for Seattle Airport at 2am.

After that, it’s on to Palm Springs for a week to see my dad, and then off to Durham. Holy crap I actually completing a long-term plan.

So far I don’t have a job lined up (yet) and I don’t have a place to live when we get there (yet). But I’m pretty dedicated. I can make stuff happen. Cross your fingers for me though, just in case.


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