Change in Plans

At the time that I last wrote, I was in the midst of a job interview in Newcastle, as well as waiting to hear on a flat from the owner of the hotel we were taking in. It was the end of the week, and since we were constantly shoveling out for lodging, we decided to try and get away for the weekend. We ended up going Abersoch, in North Wales, where I have previously lived.


View of Abersoch from Mynytho in North Wales

Some friends of mine were very, very, very kind, and let us stay with them. Our weekend venture turned into a week, since seemed kept seeming not to fall into place with Newcastle/Durham. We still couldn’t find any estate agents who would let us rent a place without having £14000 in the bank, I couldn’t get any more interviews with anyone–and all the while the car that we rented was costing us £20 a day in insurance due to the ridiculousness with my card.

We began looking for cars to buy, and in the end, bought a car off my friend’s husband, who’s letting us make payments. We returned the rental car, though couldn’t go anywhere with the new car because it needed to be insured and the tax paid on it. It took us a few days before we could find an insurance agent who would let me get insured for less than £200 a month (finally was able to get it down to £92 a month), which meant we were in the village until Tuesday.

However, the insurance is only so low because I put down my grandmother’s address in the village, and wouldn’t be driving around. To stick to that, as it turns out, I was offered some work in a local pub, as well as accommodation for my boyfriend and I for £50 a week!

In the week that we spent down here, we got a car, got it insured, got it taxed, found a job, and found accommodation–the latter two I haven’t been able to arrange in three months! So because everything fell into place so easily, my plan is to defer uni for a year, work here and keep looking for work and accommodation in Newcastle/Durham while I’m here–now that I can drive to any interviews or viewings of houses if need be (a long drive mind you, but I can do it nonetheless), and I can tell estate agents that I have a job as well.

It’s not the ideal plan, but so far it’s been working out alright. The other bonus is that I do have the reading list for my first year at Durham, so that is something I can work my way through as well in preparation.


3 thoughts on “Change in Plans

    • Welcome back, friend! I’ll be sure to read your posts–I have missed your input on the current events from your perspective.
      I am, in fact, in the UK. Just got here a few weeks ago. Things aren’t quite going as planed, but thus is the journey of life. One must notice the path being presented, even if it doesn’t lead where you think it will!

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