Computer distress!!

As soon as I posted my optimism about getting writing projects done, my computer goes black, and starts clicking. The keyboard lights up and turns off again, lights up and goes off again, all the time an audible clicking. 

Every writer knows the horror of a computer malfunction, when everything they’re working on is on the device that’s going insane. 

I’m looking for help right now. After turning the compter on and off, plugging it in and unplugging it, I still only get this screen:

It somethis will repeat the text down the page, but so far nothing else. 

How do I save my writing?


3 thoughts on “Computer distress!!

  1. Can you save your work on a usb flash drive? Or are you able to obtain an external drive for your computer? My laptop has two drives, one that carries windows and the other a linux operating system. If I lose one drive, I have the other. I must remind myself to back up my work. I hope you get a solution to your challenge.


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