Digi Again

Finally, I’m back on a computer. I’ve been trying not to get too attached to this, as I hear tell that the guy that fixed my computer–or at least put in a new hard drive–put in a 350 GB hard drive instead of a 1 TB drive, and will be sorting that out later this week.

Any way, the news on my computer is that my old hard drive is completely fried. He was unable to get my files off it. However, he did say that I could look into some companies that will do it, though it could cost my hundreds of pounds. “You’ll have to decide whether or not your writing is worth it or not,” he told me.

Whether it’s worth it to me or not. A writers writing should always be worth it.

Currently, the hard drive is with a friend’s friend who is happy to work on it and thinks he can manage to sort it out and retrieve the files for me. So he has that an my external hard drive. If he can’t manage it, then yes, I am absolutely going to find a way of coughing up the hundreds of pounds to get this done. Where there is a Will there is a way, and there most certainly is a Will.

However, I have lost a great many of my programs such as Word 2013 which I have absolutely no idea how I got to begin with (though the repair guy was more than happy to hook me up with Word 2007, it seems archaic after the luxuries of 2013), Scrivener (which I actually paid for, though never really used), my video editing software, and so on. I’m sure with time they will come back to me, as will my files.

In the meantime, I am working on recreating the Windows settings that I had before. I had some really amazing artwork as my background that I got from a fellow blogger (though am embarrassed to say I don’t remember which one) that I sorely miss. But! I am thrilled with my creative replacement idea!

I have gone through and found as many images and quotes and prompts that have to do with writing that I can. I have put them into one file and made them a rotating background. So now, every time I turn on my computer, I will see a different background telling me or inspiring me to write. I’m hoping it’ll work.

But I do want to say thank you to everyone who had suggestions for things to do regarding my computer horrors. I appreciate your support and knowledgeable input!


4 thoughts on “Digi Again

  1. I am glad at least you have got a working computer. I had a feeling your drive might have been damaged. There are experts and tools out there capable of retrieving lost data on damaged disk drives.

    I am reminded from this situation to get all my data backed up because it would be a total disaster if my disk drive died.

    I am reminded of a friend of mine who suffered a house fire losing most of his belongings, it turned into an opportunity which opened a lot of useful doors for him.


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