One Month On

We have officially been here for one month: and by here I mean in the UK. Things are very different than what I thought they would be after the first month.

Of course, we are not in Durham, or Newcastle, or anywhere near, but are in surprisingly sunny North Wales. I say surprisingly, because Wales is not known for its sunshine, but rather the lushness of grass brought on by onslaughts of constant downpour. Though so far, we have been lucky, despite the sudden drop in temperature.

However, as mentioned before, I am working, have a place to live, and have a car. Having a car is liberating. It feels a lot more worthwhile. During my time off, my boyfriend and I travel about, looking for things to do, or just checking out places to walk. We went to Aberystwith last week, and regularly go to Caenarfon and Bangor, and of course, our favorite, Criccieth.img_4611

I’m still attempting to continue on with my studying. I have just finished my second book that is on the reading list for first year English students at Durham, and am half way through the third. I’m slowly taking notes, taking down quotes, and writing out reflections in hopes that I won’t have to do too much extra research in order to remember what I read this time next year. But so far I have read The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, V for Vendetta by Alan Moore, and am half way through Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë (which, by the way, I thought Jane Austin wrote this book).

I feel bad because I basically read the first book that was supposed to be read, and the last book on the list, and I think that I figured out the direction of the course and essentially the theme of it. I basically just read the ending. Oh well, I will be ahead of the game next year anyway.

I’m still gearing up to get involved with NaNoWriMo in a week. I am still plagued by the worry of my supposedly doomed hard drive. My goal was to have my last NaNoWriMo novel completely edited and in the process of being critiqued by Alpha and Beta readers by now. However, since it is hopefully being retrieved, I just worry. I find it’s creeping into my ability to write as it is. My computer has been somewhat restored, with a third of the memory (I used to have a terabyte for a hard drive, and now only have 350 GB), and through the school I was able to reinstall Word. However, my friend’s friend, who is working on my broken hard drive also has my external hard drive, and thus I am struggling to trust saving my documents onto my computer. It’s definitely influencing the amount of writing I’m doing, as well as where I write.

Thankfully, I am in a fantastically inspiring country side, and my creative juices can flow a little more freely come this NaNoWriMo.





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