Veganuary struggles

I am really having a hard time with this. I’m on day 11 with a couple accidental slip-ups (I was making deserts in the restaurant and got a drop of custard on my finger and stuck it in my mouth without thinking) of being vegan. It’s really hard. 

This isn’t my first attempt at going vegan. I did it for three months before when I was living in Washington with no problems. However, I worked in a vegan friendly coffee shop, had access to three different co-ops and more than enough farmers markets. 

Now I’m having to research health food stores and travel over an hour if I want to get to any. I’m finding it very difficult to find things like almond butter, veganaise, quality milk alternatives, or even acorn squash–or any form of quality vegetables at all. The other day I made myself a veggie filled breakfast with rice and I couldn’t eat it because everything tasted like it had gone moldy. 

I live in back country Wales where everything is a trek to get to. If I’m doing this for environmental reasons, then aren’t I counteracting it by driving to all these places to get nutritional yeast at the shop in Bangor and kumbucha in Chester? 

Day 11 and I am really struggling. I miss Bellingham. It would be so much easier and pleasant if I were in Bellingham. 


One thought on “Veganuary struggles

  1. Modern culture makes it a challenge to walk a path against the tide of a prevalent paradigm. I tried a few years back to only eat food that had no plastic packaging; tin, glass and paper was okay, they could be recycled, but it proved expensive, limiting and difficult to sustain. Farmers markets might be useful to look into, or visits to a local farm.


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