Book Reviewing

I might have mentioned, I might not have, that I also do book reviews on my website. I post them every other Monday, and today is one of those Mondays.

The review released today is on Kenneth Steven’s novel, 2020, which is a look at how extremists form both on the national front and the “other” front. After a terrorist attack carried out by Muslim university students in England killed over a hundred people, the voices of Britain cried out. This book is the story of those voices: Muslims, nationalists, mothers, friends, politicians, police officers, shop owners and so on.

It’s hard not go to into the description of the book here, because I do it in the review, and I want you to read the review! So, without further adue:

Book Review: 2020, a Novel by Kenneth Steven

That being said, if you know of a recently published book, or perhaps have one yourself, please feel free to let me know about it! I do not do e-books simply because I don’t have anything to read it on other than my computer and you’ll be hard pressed to get me to stare at a computer screen for the length of a novel.

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