Medical Treatment

I think I mentioned in my update that one of the local surgeries said that I had to call at 8:30 to try and make an appointment for that day, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get in. I gave that a go this morning, and it was no dice.

So I decided to go to the minor injuries unit a few villages inland (ish), and see if I could get in there. As it turns out, I could, and I did very quickly. I don’t think I could have been in the waiting room for more than five minutes.

I only saw the nurse though, who said it sounded like I had a developing repetitive strain injury. She gave me a new brace, one with metal in it, and sent me on my way.

My co-pilot had been kind enough to drive me, and when I relayed to him what the nurse had said, he said that I needed to find a way to see a proper doctor. He had seen me near tears in pain just from lightly touching my wrist. If there’s the risk that I won’t be able to use my hand or wrist in the future, then I need to get into see a doctor, rather than a nurse.

The plan is that he’ll take me in tomorrow to the one closer to where he lives and go in with me, so he can make sure the extent of the injury is known. The nurse didn’t ask a lot of questions, including how bad the pain is, or how long it’s been going on. Just asked me what I did, and checked my range of motion.

The good news out of all of this is that I saw someone at least, and got  wrist brace, and it’s all taken care of by the NHS. I didn’y have to provide ID, my NI number, insurence, anything. That is what universal healthcare is about!

However, she did say that I’m to rest it, not to do anything with it. Typing this has been a difficulty, but I’m mostly writing this for the practice. There’s no way I”m going to stop writing while this heals. So I’m trying to find the best way to type without pain or any stress to my wrist. It is my right wrist, and I am right handed, so using a pen is somewhat out of the question.

Either way, I’ll try and keep current on here!

Update on Injuries

My wrist has been steadily getting worse. I think I have actually done some damage to it. The tendon that runs below my wrist is swollen, as is my thumb, and it’s quite tender at the base of my wrist all along to my ring finger. It pops, and when it does, it is extremely painful. I’ve been getting electric kind of stabs of pain, almost like a hot needle, but nothing like the pins and needles you get when something falls asleep.

I called the surgery (general local doctor’s office) in the village, though held little hopes of getting an appointment. Just this morning I signed a petition to keep the surgery going!

I had to hunt to find the phone number of it. I found their website, which had their hours listed as Tuesday-Thursday, 8:30am-12:30pm. That’s it. Since I was within those hours, I called both numbers, though neither of them were answered. I saw they were an extension of another surgery, which I had been to in the past when I lived here previously. I was able to get through to someone there, who said I was still in their system (yay!), but there’s a new system in place. Apparently, if you want an appointment, you’re better off getting a book-on-the-day appointment, otherwise waiting two weeks out. So I have to call at 8:30 in the morning and hope that I beat everyone else so that I can get an appointment.

I told her what I was booking for, and she said that I might be better off just going to the (small time) emergency services in a different village–again, one I have used before (I scalded my wrist on a Bank Holiday and had to put that one to use when I was 19), that they would probably see me sooner.

I have an hour and a half until I have to be to work. I think I’ll try in the morning, see what luck that brings me. They have an x-ray machine at least, or so I hear. I don’t think I need one, but I have no idea how these things work.

Thank goodness for the NHS.

A Farm!

It’s done! It’s sorted! I have a place to move to!

As mentioned before in a previous entry, I got on the website Work Away with the crazy plan to find a farm that would be willing to put me up in exchange for room and board. Well, the first farmer I contacted got back to me right away, and yesterday I went to visit the farm.

It was a long drive, all the way up to North Yorkshire. But it was a nice day, and a nice drive, despite my injuries. My back was killing me the majority of the way, and my wrist I think is just progressively getting worse rather than better.

However, after arriving at the farm and being shown the aviary (with some 2-300 birds of all types), a couple of pigs, the cat-breeding, and meeting a few dogs, we arrived at the caravan. It has a shower (Mom will be pleased), two bedrooms, a kitchen, and most importantly to me, a table–all with full permission to modify it however needed. He even said that it might be wise to install a wood burner rather than the current heating, which he would pay for entirely.

As far as work, he just hopes for a couple hours a day (I can totally clean out bird pens or horse stables for my keep, no prob! (she declares as she pops some ibuprofen for her wrist and back)), and essentially will provide the rest.

Did I mention there’s an orchard? And that I can plant and grow whatever I want? I can have my own little garden!

Also, he said there’s a village at the bottom of the farm with a pub, the owners of which he’s friends with. He said he spoke to them, and they would be happy to take me on part time for some actual money-making work.

It is a 40 minute drive to Durham, which I generally don’t mind. However, there’s also a train from the next town up which is only 14 minutes. If the student passes are cheap enough, I might opt for that.

Everything is falling into place! I’M GOING TO UNI!!!!

Oh Injuries

Welp, I done it now.

Actually, I’m not upset, I know it’ll pass. I”m fantastic for somehow managing to do this to myself at critical moments. I did this last year when I was working at the coffee roaster and in dire need of money, and I’ve done it again now that I’m coming to the last few weeks in Abersoch when I need to be getting funds for moving:

Repetitive Strain Injury

I’m kind of struggling to type–not much mind you, but I am wearing a brace, and usually when I reach for the backspace it’s a little bit of a strain. I wish I could say it was from something cool like writing too much, but it’s not. It’s from scooping ice cream, and all it’s glory.

I’ve talked to my boss about it, and he’s recognized that something’s got to be done. Thankfully yesterday I got someone in for training, which was awesome–I really like this chick (who’s also my roommate, so double bonus!), and so hopefully he’ll be rotating me out of the ice cream slinging biz periodically.

I actually noticed this was coming on for a while, but I thought I just needed to strengthen my wrist a little bit. Somedays I would wake up with my wrist swollen, sometimes I would just have to stretch it out a little bit. It was fine, or so I thought. I wasn’t going to mention anything to my boss (who really is fantastically accommodating)–after all, there’s only two weeks left in August, and that’s really when there’s money to be made. I thought I could hold off.

But then it was getting to the point where I was actually gasping and stifling vocalizations of the strain, and I knew that I was at a point where it was too much. So I gave in, got a brace, talked to my boss about having more days off and having someone else help me.

Part of me is just wanting to be that chick that can do everything, and I can’t understand how some people can and some people just can’t. I’m one of those people that can’t. It drives me nuts! I can juggle schedules, and I can figure out problems, and I can usually make things happen. But when it comes to the physical stuff that other people just seem to have no problem with–that is just where I’m lacking.

It’s a bit of a kick to the ego.

But the good news is that if I have more time off, then I have more time for writing. And I am good at figuring things out. If I don’t have enough money to move, I’ll figure it out. I can make it happen. I have a lot of support from my mom and some close people around me. I will figure it out. And I need to stop injuring myself in the process because otherwise I”m just going to be an arthritic ball by the time I reach 50!

I refuse!


Work Travel to Live

Welp! I did it! I finally took the next step of my plan.

Part of my idea for how I was going to survive living prices in Durham while being a full time university student is to look in to work travel, or travel work. I’m not really sure the correct terminology for this. I’ve always just called it WWOOFing, but that no longer applies.

The idea is that you find a farm or group of people who are looking to provide food and housing in exchange for work. Quite a few people travel in this way, and I, myself, have a few friends  who have done this as well. I looked into this the last time I lived in Wales, though the organization I looked into was the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (hence WWOOF). But I was deterred when it wanted me to pay for an annual membership.

Now that I’m looking into moving to Durham, and seeing that the cost of living is fairly high in comparison to the wage rates (mostly because of the student population), looking into this option again has seemed like the wisest course of action.

So, I registered. Though I ended up going to Work Away, and I’ve already gotten ahold of two farms–well, sent messages to them any way. So we shall see how it goes!

The key idea here is that when there doesn’t seem like a solution, you need to get creative. This will absolutely work. Just wait. You’ll see (she says hoping to whatever deities there might be that she hasn’t just jinxed herself).

Uni student

I’m almost there! 

I got an email this morning from Durham with my student number. I actually already had my student number from last year (buried somewhere in my hundreds of saved emails), and have explored all my log-in possibilities last summer. But it’s nice to have it again, knowing that this year I’m so much closer, and I’m going to be a student again after having nearly two years of a break (I finished at Whatcom Community College in December of 2015!!).

I keep having to remind myself that I’ve spent some of this year off reading some of the material, and that each of my six classes I’ll be taking are introductory courses, which I should be able to fly through. The only ones I’m apprehensive about are Intro to Poetry and Inteo to Drama, as neither are subjects in which I have much interest. 

But so far everything is (I think) on schedule and going as it should..ish. Either way, I’ll be a student in two months! 

More Writing to Be Held To

Over the last few days I’ve been considering the fact that I might have to take a hiatus sometimes soon. Where I’m living is getting insane with work. I’m doing six days a week, 9 hour days.   I suddenly realized that Holy Crap! It’s AUGUST (?!?!?!?!?!!!!), and I have a month and a half to get enough money saved up for the move, figure out the logistics of my move, and find a job in Durham, which might also mean trips to Durham (about a 5-6 hour drive from the village I live in) for interviews as well. None of this leaves me with much time for my writing for Carpe Nocturne, maintaining my website, or any of my other personal projects that I have such as polishing my novel off, finishing another few novels and so on and so forth.

As a result, I’ve been contemplating the Hiatus.

Until I listened to a book…and the decided to start an experiment based on the book…and blog it. So you know what that means….

That’s right! I have (yet another) new blog!

This isn’t a forever blog. I’ts just a 30 day experiment that I’m writing out. It’ll be a daily write. It’s based off the skeptical perspective of the book Magic Money by Holly Alexander. I have no affiliation with this author, I just happened to come across her book in a Facebook writing group I’m in, and at the end it set a 30 day experiment for the skeptic.

I thought, “Hey! I’m that skeptic!” so I might as well take advantage of the experiment. Any way, you can read all about the experiment on my blog:

Money Magic Experiment

It is not a work of art. It’s just another project for me to engage in because I just don’t feel that I’m at the tipping point of my sanity yet.

**laughs maniacally**