Uni student

I’m almost there! 

I got an email this morning from Durham with my student number. I actually already had my student number from last year (buried somewhere in my hundreds of saved emails), and have explored all my log-in possibilities last summer. But it’s nice to have it again, knowing that this year I’m so much closer, and I’m going to be a student again after having nearly two years of a break (I finished at Whatcom Community College in December of 2015!!).

I keep having to remind myself that I’ve spent some of this year off reading some of the material, and that each of my six classes I’ll be taking are introductory courses, which I should be able to fly through. The only ones I’m apprehensive about are Intro to Poetry and Inteo to Drama, as neither are subjects in which I have much interest. 

But so far everything is (I think) on schedule and going as it should..ish. Either way, I’ll be a student in two months!