A General Update: What is Going On with Writing

Of course, as to be expected, university and general life has kept me pretty busy.  But I do have some writing news that I thought I would share.

New News

First of all, I am now an editor of Durham University’s online magazine, The Bubble, specifically an editor of the environment section. I am one of three, and since our writers are pretty few and far between, I am essentially one of the writers for it as well.

Wonderbox Anthology

I haven’t heard any more regarding my publication with Wonderbox, so I think they’re running a bit behind. Initially they had said they hoped the digital copy would be released by the end of February, though it’s pretty close to it and I haven’t heard anything about it, nor seen any advertisement on their social media.

Carpe Nocturne

Carpe Nocturne has also had a few setbacks, and the winter issue that was meant to come out in the middle of January should be hopefully released at the end of this month as well, though the communication has been pretty scant.

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However, despite the addition of projects and setbacks of other publications, I have had time to get a little bit of blogging in on my other two blogs:

Hodgepodge and Food Gathering, my frugal-living blog: 10 Things I’ve Learned About Incubating Chicken Eggs
As someone who hasn’t really done the incubating thing other than when I was maybe 7 and in elementary school (I recall a whole farm unit. I think I had a teacher obsessed with cows), I don’t really know too much about incubating eggs. So I thought I’d share what I learned.

Hopscotch and Woolgathering, my travel blog: Brancepth, County Durham
We happened upon a very quaint little village, and thought I would share our experience.


I have a new project that I’m working on through the university, though until it gets at least slightly off the ground, or starts rolling in one way or another, I don’t know that I’m ready to talk about it. So that’s about all you get from that!


University Strike

Across Britain, there’s a university strike going on, and Durham is one of 60 universities participating in this strike. It has to do with new regulations or founding rules which would eliminate something ridiculous like a third of pension entitlement for university staff.

Rightfully so, many teachers and lecturers are striking.

I support their right and decision to strike. That’s totally fine. Fight for what you believe in!

However, it does make things difficult for me, as a student who does not actually live in Durham. As someone who has to drive 45 minutes to get to lectures and as there is no policy which requires teachers or lecturers to give notice that they’re striking, I’m having a hard time figuring out if it’s worth the price in petrol (which due to a new car to replace my un-MOT-passable car, is nearing £10 a trip to Durham and back) to get there and find out the lecture is cancelled.

My tutors have been fantastically communicative, and let us know in advance whether or not the sessions are on. Only one of them so far has cancelled, which is fine as they are the more valuable aspects of my education. Some of my lecturers have let us know, but others haven’t.

I see the pros and cons for their decisions, and I understand why they might not be as communicative as I’d like for them to be. But it’s pretty rough from my perspective.