Level Two Modules

I’m not going to give too much detail as to how this works just yet. Only when I’ve successfully registered for all my second-year classes (the link goes to the course outline, year by year) will I try and lay out how it all works in a more comprehensive way (because the Durham English department were not helpful on this one).

Any way, I know you’re on the edge of your seats about this, but I think, I think, I’ve got all my second-year classes picked out and am registered for the English half at least.

Mandatory Modules

This year I didn’t have any control over my modules. Every single one of my six modules (that’s classes, for you American folk) was a mandatory module, and I didn’t get to choose any of them. However, next year, I only have two mandatory ones:

I’m interested in both of these, which is nice. This year has been a bit of a nightmare as I really don’t have any interest in poetry, and I was required to take Intro to Poetry, and I have about as much, or less, interest in Drama, and I had to take Intro to Drama as well. However, just about anything with the term ‘theory’ in it regarding literature, I’m going to be pretty excited about. Also, my favorite class overall this year has been Ethics and Values, so Moral Theory has a double-wammy of ‘stoked-for’ from me.

English Lit

I’ve just registered for these classes, well, I say classes. One is a module (class) while the other is actually a seminar. I have no idea if I’ve done this right. The first one is a module, the second one is a seminar, and under that are my second and third choices for seminars in case I don’t get my first choice.

I know, I just said I didn’t want to do any more poetry. But the other classes were a hodgepodge of poetry, prose and drama all mixed together. At least with poetry I know what I’m getting. Plus it’s all 20th century.

Initially German Myth and Legend was my first pick, but in terms of where I want my career to go, I thought it better to study these writers rather than a seminar for funsies.


Like I said, I haven’t signed up for these yet. I’m still waiting to hear how I’m supposed to go about it. However, I think they should be pretty good.

Honestly, both of those modules just reek of my interests. Plus the latter is basically my dream medium – philosophical literature. So much so, that I’m trying to design a full project around it…


I know that I’ve already got my six modules/seminars. However, I couldn’t resist when I saw there was an option of an additional foreign language I could be taking. I’ve actually been saying all year that I regretted not trying to get into English Lit with French, or French and Philosophy. I love, lovelove French. I miss learning it. And I saw that in the second year you have the option of tacking a language on. So as soon as I find out how, that is exactly what I’m doing.

2 thoughts on “Level Two Modules

  1. I love poetry but hate most poetry classes because they’re almost always about analyzing every line, taking all the fun out of it. The most fun I had with it was in high school when I took a simple writer’s workshop and we talked about what poets we loved (I’ve always been a sucker for ee cummings for example..which was introduced to me by a fellow student in my teens), and shared our own works in progress. I will say if you get to take a class on Toni Morrison, hell yeah! I love her – her use of language is so extraordinary and Song of Solomon and The Bluest Eye…damn those were good, the former being the first book that ever made me cry out loud.

    My husband is reading a 300 page book on quantum mechanics while I am reading Alice Walker – tells you how diverse our bookshelves are!! I did take philosophy (Existentialism, to be specific) in college and it blew my mind it was so awesome. Looking forward to hearing what you choose!

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    • In all fairness, for all that I’m not a poetry fan, this class has really helped me appreciate it. I was the same way about not wanting to analyse the poem because I felt it took the fun out of it. But with the poetry we’ve been working with (especially because it’s been more classic rather than contemporary stuff), it’s been kind of fun breaking open the poem and finding the meaning in it.
      I’m really excited about the Toni Morrison class. I’m hoping I’ll get a placement in the semina, though I hear they’re pretty limited. That’s why I’ve had to have two back-ups. Even if I don’t get in, I’ll be sure to read some of her stuff. I’ve been hearing excellent things about her for a while.
      I do love a diverse book shelf. In all honestly, I’m terribly rude when I go to people’s houses – even if I’ve been there multiple times – I always get really distracted by their books. I’m so nosy about what people read.
      This year’s philosophy has been pretty intense. Ethics and Values has been a cake walk, but the Knowledge and Reality (for which I pulled an all-nighter to write an essay for last night) has been a trip. Everything from how we know we’re not a brain in a vat to how we know what aspects of time exist. It’s fascinating but you definitely have to work hard to keep up.
      Thanks for reading and for the thoughtful comment! 😀
      (Please note: I’ve done a spell check before hitting send 😉 )


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