Term 2 Done!


Right, well, I’m not quite done with my second term. Technically I still have a day left, and two essays to turn in. But the good news is that I’m completely finished with all of my five essays that were due in the space of two weeks. The more impressive part is that I finished them all early.

Well, Actually, two of them I pulled all-nighters to finish–but the other three I had done by yesterday morning and two of them are due today while one is due tomorrow. But I’m going to be that student and turn them in early. Ha!

Actually, as much as I hate to admit it because of the money spent on tuition, the strike has been really helpful. It’s allowed me time to work on my school work without having to stop to drive an hour to uni, go to lectures/tutorials, drive back while stopping at the grocery store on the way and to get gas, etc. So Instead of losing five hours for a lecture or a tutorial, I could just use that time to focus on my work.

The Strike

That being said, I did speak a little more with my academic advisor who was kind enough to give me a telephone meeting due to the strikes. He’s very involved in them, and was giving me a bit more information about it. I really do support the strikes, and I think that it’s important that educators are acknowledged and compensated for the insanely important job they have.

I’ve been trying to find out who to email and demand a tuition reimbursement from (as an act of solidarity with the teachers, which has also been encouraged), though I’m not quite sure where to go for that.


Any way, regarding my academic plan, he says I’m on the right track.

I emailed the language department about getting into French, took the placement test and they agreed that the most appropriate placement for me would be Level 2 French next year – which I am thrilled about.

Disability; RE: wrist

Ah yes, you might have forgotten about this, or thought it had all cleared up. It has not. Last summer I developed repetative strain working long hours in an ice cream shop six days a week. Since I adopted the ‘play through the pain’ mentality, thinking it was just developing muscle essentially, I screwed up my wrist even more. While I was still in Wales I saw a specialist who said I needed to get more tests done. However, this was literally the week that I moved to Yorkshire.

finally have been to the doctor to do something about it, though mostly for academic reasons. I still work with a wrist brace on, and regularly need my brace on for support while I’m driving. I no longer sleep with the brace, but sometimes need to wear it generally about my day. I can write with my hand, though not for long. I can’t take notes in class by hand, and I”ve been really struggling with trying to create flash cards for exams in May with my hand as it is.

It’s exams that have me going to the doctor finally. I needed a note to say that I wouldn’t be able to take the exams without the aid of a computer. There is no way in hell that I can sit there for 2-3 hours (depending on the class) and pump out 2-3 essays during that time by hand for the exams – and then repeat it five more times for each class.

I got my note, went to the disabilities office, which I was instructed to do. I was told that because I hadn’t had the injury for more than a year there wasn’t anything they could actually do about it, but rather that they could send a recommendation to the department head, and that I needed to contact them as well.

I emailed the English department and Philosophy department to ask if I needed to make an appointment with someone or if I could just come on in. The philosophy department told me I just needed to talk to the english department, and the English department told me I had to get ahold of my student support officer at my college. That to me makes no sense because my college has little to do with my degree or my exams.

Any way, I’m going around in this loop for the time being.

However, medically, regarding my wrist, I’ve had to have blood tests which I’m waiting for the results for, and have just had a referral to go in to get an ultrasound on my wrist. I’ll keep you all updated on that one, as I know you’re on the edge of your seats with anticipation.

2 thoughts on “Term 2 Done!

  1. WOW! The rigamarole you have to go through so you can save your wrist from your exams! Good luck with that. And how insanely happy are you about being THAT student who turns in early… I would be over the moon. University strikes! Getting rid of pensions though is NOT okay so props for supporting them even though it inconveniences you. ❤

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    • Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate you reading through 🙂 The pension thing is really rough, and I really feel for the lecturers and tutors–they’ve been put in a really tough spot!


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