The Wrist

Nope, hasn’t gone away, hasn’t gotten better. I’m still dealing with pain, though I’m taking Ibuprofen as needed rather than regularly. I don’t like the idea of having that much medication in me all the time.

However, I’ve had some success, or at least, updates.

I got my blood drawn because they wanted to test for thyroid function,¬†erythrocyte sedimentation rate, C-reactive protein, and diabetes. All of that came back normal. I actually didn’t know what the other stuff was and was more worried that I’d find out I was diabetic–and a little offended they asked for that test. Either way, I am relieved to say I’m not diabetic, and that all of the rest of it came back normal. Well, I say relieved, but it means that we’re not closer to knowing what’s wrong with me.

I went yesterday for an ultrasound on my wrist to see if there’s any fluid build-up around my tendons. There’s none. I also had an x-ray done yesterday, which I won’t hear the results of for at least a week (I’m not really sure why, since the ultrasound doctor told me straight away there was nothing).

So far, I’m still in the dark. I have another appointment in a month (amid exams) in the musculoskeletal clinic place. Hopefully I’ll learn something then!

I have these worries that maybe it’s in my head. But then I look at my thumb, and the joint isn’t the same as my other thumb, and it doesn’t rest the same way. It’s somewhat slightly slack, and it feels uncomfortable to try and move it inward. My wrist is sometimes swollen as well. While I will admit that perhaps the thumb joint could be down to wearing the brace at work and while driving and at uni, I don’t think that my wrist would swell if it was in my head. But then I go to the idea of phantom pregnancies where someone shows all the symptoms of being pregnant without actually being pregnant. Could I have fantom messed-up wrist?

I won’t know until I go through all the malarky, I suppose. Cross your fingers for me, anyway!