Upgrading your WordPress Account: An Experience

I have put zero dollars/pounds/pasos into this blog. None. Nada. Zippo. And it’s done alright. I mean, I’m also not making money off it, but I have a following I’m content with and pleased about.

However, with my other blog, I wanted to take it up a notch in an attempt to make some cash with it. Full disclosure–as of the end of April, I made a whole $0.17. That’s total. I’m pretty proud of that, and I’m rather fond of the number 17–but I digress.

There were a few features I wanted for my blog, like the ability to have text to speech for those who could use it (I’m still workin gon how to figure that out), and I needed a business account for it. I thought about it for a long while, and finally made the plunch. Gotta spend money to make money, right?

Also, my blog was getting pretty good views–by my standard, mind. Before upgrading to premium a couple of months ago I was averaging 20 views a day, which went up to 80, sometimes 100 views a day. I saw the correlation between the views and the upgrade, so that also contributed to my decision to go to the business plan.


As soon as I did, my views plunged. Right back to the 20 views a day, if I’m lucky.

I didn’t understand what was going on. I now could use YOAST which allowed me to better understand and more efficiently utilise SEO, I was creating and posting the same quality and quantity of daily content–what gives?

I finally figured it out. Aside from the fact that for some reason all my search-engine go-ahead toggles had been switched off (which I remedied), my posts aren’t appearing the same in the WordPress reader. Thus, those who are following me aren’t able to read my blog the same way.

This was brought to my attention by another blogger, with whom I sometimes email back and forth, and she asked me what I did to get the ‘read the full post’ link on my posts. I went to my WordPress reader page, clicked on one of my posts, and sure enough,

click post

I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but then this morning I realized that the majority of my traffic comes from other WordPress users. This means that either a) they’re not actually reading the full post and are just clicking on it so I get the view or b) they’re too lazy to click a button. The latter is totally fine–I actually do the same thing. There’s an Organic gardening blog that I’ll only click the link for if I’m super duper curious.

So I think that unless they click that link, I’m not getting the views. This has positives and negatives:

It means that the views I do have are more organic, and thus I kind of know how much of a readership I actually have.

However, it also means that I get a little let down every time I look at my puny view-count.

It’s all a learning experience, but I thought I’d share this particcular experience, seeing as others might want the heads up before upgradeing to Business plans.

Also–this is all theory. I haven’t confirmed that that is in fact the reason my views have gone down. However, it’s the most logical explanation I have so far.

2 thoughts on “Upgrading your WordPress Account: An Experience

  1. There are other options for working with media. I ran a site for almost 10 years which I paid heavily for because I needed security from hackers (I had private data from students) . To use audio and video I simply made use of YouTube and put in links. It is not a complete answer but it might help, especially if you want to experiment with video work and will eventually require lots of space.


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