Have You Met Me?

When I graduated high school, I had my future all planned out: Move to Wales, become a herbalist, and in the mean time be a starving writer. Simple, right?

  • Why Wales?
    It’s always been my home away from home. Having had a pretty charmed and lucky life, my mom is from the UK, and grew up going on holiday with the family to a tiny, little tourist village in North Wales called Abersoch. Granny bought a house there, and it became our summer home. Each summer I would venture from the west coast of the US to the west coast of the UK. I grew up there just as much as I did here.

When I was ten I decided that was the place for me. And so it was, ten days after I graduated from high school I was on a plane to go live over there.

I lived there, working as a waitress for four years, and doing a long distance study program through a college in California called the Global College of Natural Medicine. Through it I earned my certification as a herbalist and a nutritionist, though about the time I was half way through procuring my BA in Holistic Healing, the school shut down. Unfortunately, they had a very unconventional  course plan, so nothing was transferable. This deterred me from school for quite a while.

In 2009 I moved back to my home state of Washington, to a nice hippie town called Bellingham. The move recharged my batteries and I explored new work experiences, such as working as a Direct Care Assistant with adults with developmental disabilities. I did this for another four years, truly loving the work itself, hating the politics.

In 2012 I met my now current boyfriend who got me into filming. He owned his own video production company, called Think Piece Productions. I learned how to edit and film and together we are fairly well-known in the Seattle (and north) music community. It’s our bread and butter.

Up until February or 2014, we were both working at a small dispensary/coffee shop in the middle of nowhere. We both had put Think Piece to the side to work full-time for this place. When we were both laid off due to severe budget cuts, we were blind sided. Think Piece wasn’t making money, and I was at a loss at to what to do.

I was loathed to get back into the same grind that I’d been playing into my entire adult life, and realized it was time to make a difference for myself. On a whim, just to ask some questions, I went out to the college. I left enrolled and floating. Enrolling in school was the perfect choice for me.

This is the journey of a girl late in her 20’s attempting to get her Master’s degree in English. Step One is accomplished: raise my GPA via community college. Now I am on to the next stage, traveling to England to go to Durham University to take in their Combined Honors BA in English and Philosophy program.


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