Writing Achievements (this month)

Hurrah! I did it! I managed to make my word count goal for this month’s CampNaNoWriMo. My goal was 24,200 (the number for which you can read about here), and today I reached 24,537 – and just 19 days in.

Though I should note, that I wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped to be–I wrote more than enough words, but I didn’t complete the projects I’d hoped to complete. I wrote lots of blog entries, but I fell short with my interview I needed to write up, I only got two pieces of flash fiction done, and got half way through the two series I hoped to complete. However, it was a learning experience, something I’ll write more on, later.

Also, the digital edition of the Summer 2017 issue of Carpe Nocturne was released, with three of my pieces came out yesterday. It features the debut episode of my horror series, “The Wall”, my article on the Denbigh Asylum, and I also have a tarot/astrology as well. The digital copy is available on Magzter, though the print copy takes a little while to be available. However, when it is, you can find it on Amazon, Barns & Noble, and Waterstones websites. You can also keep tabs on the magazine in general at www.CarpeNocturne.net.

Denbigh Asylum sUMMER 2017

Another Big Step

This time last year, I was honored by obtaining the Award of Academic Excellency in the English Discipline. Thrilled doesn’t even begin to describe what I felt, given that I didn’t feel that I had done anything to particularly stick out. However, my instructors felt otherwise, and the award fell to me, of which I didn’t think I could top.


Whatcom Community College’s President, Kathi Hayane-Brown, Ed.D., presenting the 2015/16 Student Awards

It’s amazing. Though I’ve been done at Whatcom Community College for nearly six months, I was still nominated for an award. A few months ago, my boss in the Writing Center informed me that she had nominated me for the President’s Award, though I had to write a two page essay which displayed my leadership abilities, and I only had two hours to do it. I of course hopped to it, sent it in, and then received an email stating that they had extended the deadline.

After quite a bit of time went by, I gave up, thinking that I hadn’t gotten the award, which was fine. There are a lot of really deserving people on this campus, who work hard and do far more than I do.

All the while, I’ve been continuing to work in the Writing Center, as well as the job that I’m miserable at in the coffee warehouse, daydreaming of the day that I move to England, wondering if I’m going to put it off for another year or go this October.IMG_3650

On Monday (the beginning of this week), I was having a particularly annoying day, reminding myself that I only had to survive a few more days at the warehouse job, and then I would be done with it. I was on my lunch break, in a bad mood over something, checking my email as I ran through the grocery store to find something to eat (like the millennial that I am) when I got the email from WCC’s president: I got the Award.

Last night I was presented with it, and thrilled to boot! What’s more, I got to watch some other truly amazing students be awarded as well, including a coworker of mine in the Writing Center who received the same award I did last year.

The good news in all of this, is that it might have lit a fire under my ass, so to speak, and spurred me into making sure that I do go straight into uni this year, rather than putting off a year to get settled in. I’m not 100% sold on it, though I’m a lot closer than I was this time last week. I just want to make sure I keep up my momentum.


My mom, my boyfriend, and me on our way to celebration drinks

My (Kind of) Two Awards!

There are some pretty awesome–and stressful–things going on for me at this point.

I’m just finishing up an application for a grant to go to the National Conference of Peer Tutors of Writing, after having already sent in the presentation proposal that my (potentialy) co-presenter and I created. I’ve never applied for a grant before, aside from through Financial Aid (I suppose that might count). It’s a little nerve-wracking, and a bit demanding as well. There is a nine page fourm I have to fill out as well as write a cover letter and an essay. I also have to come up with a prompt for next year’s travel grant application as well. I’m hoping that last part is a parcipation thing, and not something they are planning on taking into consideration when contemplating whether or not I’m worth funding. PTK chords

Thought, aside from that, this last week I was able to get my chords for being a Phi Theta Kappa member. I’m proud to have them, though there are a lot of really wonderfully supportive people that are making this way bigger of a deal than it needs to be. I got a great many congratulations for the chords. Part of the reason why I’m not jumping with excitement is because I know that I paid for the chords, or rather, the memebership. However, I suppose that the exciting this is that one has to get a GPA above a 3.5 (I can’t remember exactly, it might not be that high) in order to be asked to join. I suppose, in that regard, coming from the background of a piss-poor student, it is rather an achievement, and one I shouldn’t be so….blah–for lack of a better term–about. 

These chords will contribute to my graduation bling, something I can walk down the isle at the end of fall quarter and know that to some extent, I earned them. Part of me wants to poke my high school sell and wave it in her face. She would probably have no belief that this would be accomplished.

There was a ceremony to get these chords, which, again, I thought was unnecessary. It was an induction ceremony for all memebers of PTK that regeistered this 2014/2015 school year. People invited their friends and family in hoards. My mom came, which was nice, though the only reason she knew about it was because I asked for a ride home. She insisted that she be present for the whole thing. It was nice.

However! However! I do have a ceremony that I am quite excited about. now that I’ve had the official email, I feel that I can write about it:


I was actually informed of this on a day when I was not feeling aweomse. I was running on four hours of sleep and was pretty certain I wasn’t smelling the greatest either. When my boss came up to me and said, “Can I tell you something?” I was fairly certain that something was that I needed to go home and take a shower.

But instead she proceeded to tell me about how each year each department selects a student to win an award. The English department at Whatcom Community College chose me for this year! She said that several faculty nominated me, which really surprised me since I haven’t been in a writing intensive class since Fall quarter. I later found out that one of the faculty was even my journalism teacher from my very first quarter, a year ago! That truely shocked me, since I had such a difficult time in that class.

So on June 11th, I get to be presented with an award and have teachers say nice things about me. I’m rather excited!

The 90’s Is Alive – In My Test Scores!

Hurrah! My first math test I only got docked a point due to a silly error, but still landed me a 98.8%, and in my take-home quiz for Journalism I got a 96%. Hurrah!
Yeah, this is just a gloating post. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Writer Who: Versatile Blogger Awarding

As mentioned before, I was nominated for two awards, one of which I posted last week, and this week I get to post about the Versatile Blogger Award.

I know that these aren’t anything to jump up and down about, but once again, it’s the matter of being the new kid in school and getting picked to play kickball. I’m included – yay!

I was nominated by Jenni, of Unload and Unwind. I’m glad I came across her blog, however it happened. I have always enjoyed reading it, and enjoyed the engaging comment conversations we get into. I want to say thanks to her for the nomination, and I will say now that everything I have learned about the Versatile Blogger Award, I have learned from her own nomination.

Seven Random Things About Me:

  1. I hate instant coffee, but I don’t have a coffee pot or French press, so I drink it anyway
  2. I preach against dairy, but I can’t stay away from cheese – I think the best diet in the world is oily roast veg such as artichoke hearts and asparagus, french bread, cheese, grapes and red wine….all to be enjoyed in a park somewhere of course.
  3. I feel really bad if I kill a bug. Especially if I hear the crunch. I genuinely feel guilt at ending that thing’s life (unless it attacks me in some way, in which point it’s survival of the fittest)
  4. I once served Roger Waters when I was a waitress in North Wales. Bear Grills too. And most of the cast from Coronation Street. For being so tiny, Abersoch is a pretty hoppin’ place.
  5. I collect couches. We have four, and are looking for more. We might have a couch problem.
  6. To contradict the last fact about me – I hate collecting things. I’ve hopped from one country to another, over a pretty large ocean, a few times, which has taught me to keep my possessions to a minimum. Books are the exception to the rule.
  7. Caffeine is my number one favorite drug.

I think the next part is that I am meant to link to 15 blogs that I have recently begun to follow…I’m not entirely certain. And then after that I nominate people? Well….I’m going to combine and average. I’ll link/nominate seven total. Yes, that is how this is going to roll.

  • The Incompetent Writer – No that incompetent 😉
  • Zombies Ate My Brain – We share a mutual love of crystals, though whether she’s aware that I have that interest as well is probably unknown. Very fun blog, witty words and musings!
  • College Unbound – a great resource for a returning student like myself
  • Math With Bad Drawings – This blog cracks me up. And it’s educational. Educational cracking 🙂
  • Tenure, She Wrote – I appreciate this blog because it gives me a glimpse into the accomplished academic world, the one I’m trying to get into, eventually.
  • Amature Author – It’s a journey and a process to write a novel, and It’s good to support one another. This is my support to the first-time novelist, and I’m glad to read though her journey.
  • Geeky Book Snob – I started following this blog because I need inspiration to read. I know! I know! It’s terrible – a writer that isn’t reading. For the last few years my main reading has been non-fiction, and it’s hard making the swap into fiction again. I don’t know what to read, and I have commitment issues to books. A blog of a book snob is right up my alley, as that is exactly what I am.

Ok, I think I did everything I was supposed to do for this. Any way, Thank you every one that has been there on the blogging journey!