Christmas and I are just not homies (how to gain social acceptability to drink red wine for breakfast)

Generally, I’m a bit of a Scroog when it comes to the holiday season. Being that I’m pagan and surrounded by Christian celebrations was what spurred my distaste for this time of year, though as I got older, I came to accept it as a cultural holiday rather than a religious one. My main issue really was the commerciality of the season and the over saturation of poorly written holiday songs that are played on repeat with horrendous “jazzy” remakes. I don’t want to fall into the pressure of society to spend the very little money I have on gifts for everyone. Thankfully, over the years, I have trained people to know that I probably won’t participate in gift giving, but will gladly spend time with them. I think that it is of importance to show the folks you care about that you care about them all year ’round, not just during the “giving season”. What’s more–charity and good will t’ward men needs to happen year ’round as well. If you want to show you’re a good person, make it who you are, don’t participate in the annual December competition.

But I digress.

This year I wanted to do something small, let the people who do put a stock in Christmas know that I appreciate them. So I decided to make truffles for everyone. I’ve done it in the past. They were easy and delicious. 

Being the hippie I am, I wanted quality chocolate and other ingredients, and I wanted alcohol in them because I’m a grown up and I can. I spent some $45 on ingredients (though this did included spiced rum and red wine). I began this process on Thursday, planning on making a double batch of red wine truffles, and a double batch of rum truffles.  I started with te former, since it requires sitting in the fridge overnight. 

When the morning came, the truffle bowl was not firm. In fact, it wanted nothing to do but glop. The truffles were only vaguely formable, at best. 

It took me a while to figure out how to deal with this. I only had enough chocolate for the rum batch. Of course it dawned on me that the rum batch and ye wine batch should merge to make rum wine truffle babies. 

I combined the recipes, making sure to put in less liquid (though still added a full 10 oz of rum). I had to create a make shift double boiler to get the chocolate to melt the second time. After a lot of mess, I got it to melt and mix with the new chocolate, cream and rum. Again, I put it in the fridge over night. 

This morning, knowing I was going to have to get all my truffles ready for the farmers market (which I’m not participating in today due to the lies of the weather forecast (when it said it was supposed to sleet, I’m waking up to blue sky)), since the majority of my recipients are there, I woke early to get these damn chocolates ready! 

Don’t be fooled by the above picture. I assure you, the chocolate under the surface is just as gloppy as yesterday.  I attempted to make my truffles, to form them into something recognizable, though again failed.

Now what! I had a bowl of 36 ounces of melted chocolate, a carton of double cream, and a ton of booze that wouldn’t form into chocolate balls!  
I was getting the kettle to boil for my tea while I stared at the bastarding mixture when it dawned on me. I threw my truffle balls into the mug and added the hot water.


And that is how you solve a problem! If it’s a weekend and it’s in hot chocolate, no one is going to get on your case for drinking wine in the morning. 


Inspirational Weekends – Fiction in Science

My writing prompt for today is to look at a recent scientific discover, and write a scene that is impacted by this discovery. If there’s nothing in the news that’s jumping out at you, make something up! I heard the next dominant species is going to be the squid – what evidence has lead to this conclusion?


Inspirational Weekend – Google Image Prompt

Image by Dan O’Halloran For LotRo Vol 2 Book 7: Leaves of Lórien

For this exercise I needed two things:

  1. Random selection of books, or a library, stack of magazines, etc
  2. Internet (included is a device upon which to browse the internet, such as a computer, phone or iPad)

I was considering bibliomancy, which is the art of divination via books. A person selects a book, whichever one they’re drawn to – it doesn’t matter the subject matter (too much), focusses on their question, energy, feeling – whatever it is they need to know about. They close their eyes, turn to a random page and puts their finger down. Wherever the finger lands, usually that sentence holds the answer to their question.

I took a different direction. I chose a book at random – in my case, it turned out to be a Star Wars book, Legacy of the Jedi: A Clone Wars Novel by June Watson – opened it to a random page and put my finger in there with my eyes closed.

It landed on the word Lorien. I tried not to read anything surrounding it, but seeing it next to quotation marks, I quickly picked up that it was a person.

The next step was to take this word to Google Image. I searched the term and found the above image. Isn’t it lovely? And it’s interesting since it is of the other spectrum of the genre – fantasy.

Now I have my randomly selected image. Time to write about it. It can be anything. Write about what the image is, write a story using the image, write anything that comes to mind – just write! Isn’t that the whole point?

To Recap:

  1. Select a book at random
  2. Select a page at random with eyes closed
  3. Select word at random, with eyes closed
  4. Google the word selected in Google Image (alternatively, Google has an eco-friendly version called Blackle, which also has image search)
  5. Select an image
  6. Write about said image

Good luck writing!