Cover Your Tracks (Cure Tribute) – Fascination Street

A belated Think Piece Thursday Post – but worth posting non the less!
We have been working with a very talented Matt Taggart with many of the musical projects he is involved in. While most of our work is with his phenomenal band, Galapagos, he has recently found himself in a cover band by the name of Cover Your Tracks. This band picks a different artist/band each months, masters them and performs.
The month of April was The Cure.
Without further adue, I present Cover Your Track’s rendition of The Cure’s Fascination Street, filmed and edited by Toby Tackett of Think Piece Productions and special thanks to Doug Cassidy for extra camera work.


Think Piece Thursday – Galapagos is the 500th Video!

It was rather well timed that our 500th video to finish and be posted is actually a medley performed by Galapagos, of Star Wars songs. They played last year at our Annual Star Wars Bash – though this year is known as Galaxy Far Away Fest. They were the only band to fully dress up and get Star-Warsy for the show.
Galapagos is a great band, and I really believe they will go far. In their first year of being together they won the Road to Rockstar which gave them funding for equipment upgrades and studio time. Later in the year they released their first album, and had no problem filling a two hour slot, and packing the venue.
They’re wonderful people, and extremely talented, and we love working with them.

Think Piece – In The Between – Projection

In The Between is an amazing band, one that I expect will go far. This video, while not their best song (Welcome To No One would be my guess as to the one that gets them famous), is one that I edited, and was my first “big” project. There were 14 camera angles from four different shows (some we filmed, some are from cameras they put up at other shows) total, and I used there recorded version of the song.

This was a difficulty, aside from the fact that there were 14 different angles to sort through, the singer tends to sing a little differently per show, and finding the right way to line the angles to hide the difference was tricky.

It was fun to work on, especially since I like the band so much, and they are a hoot to film. I hope we get to work with them more in the future.

Think Piece – Howler Monkey – Cascadia

I am very proud of this video. I didn’t film it, but I did edit it. This was at a festival in April 2013, one that we always go to, but this year is just rained and rained and rained. Usually, we’re lucky enough to have at least some sun!

Any way, I was very proud of this video, since in a couple of spots, he stopped playing entirely to adjust his settings on his amp and the like, and in some spots actually started over! See if you can tell me where!

The artist is Howler Monkey, also known as Levi, living in Bellingham. He is extremely talented, and I love the messages in his lyrics. I hope you enjoy him too!

Why I don’t Throw Events

Today is a perfect example as to why I don’t throw events. I’m not even the one doing the event throwing – I’m just the on-staff barista.

Think Piece, i.e. My boyfriend, had an arrangement with the place we got laid off from to throw events. Since these events were already scheduled, they have been allowing us to throw them under the Think Piece name, instead of their’s. They are t even charging us rental fee for the venue.

We’ve already had one, the last couple had to be cancelled due to snow. Tonight is a double feature showing of Cheech and Chong. It’s a 21+ event, not because there will be alcohol, but because we will be allowing vaporizing, since recreational cannabis is legal here in Washington, and it’s private property.

All the arrangement for this is on my boyfriend. I told him from the get-go that I’m no good at this sort of thing, and it’s not my project. He agreed and acknowledged.

However, this morning was an entirely different story. It wasn’t long after we got up that he sat down in front of me, and gave me the sigh. The very sigh that signifies that there is no room for argument, this is a genuine call for seriousness.

“…[insert puppy dog eyes]…I really need help today. I’m collapsing, I can’t do today. I really need your help if I am going to have any chance getting through this day.”

I had no choice but to listen, and as a good girlfriend, do my girlfriendly duty to take the day seriously, instead of with the attitude of “igh, the day will happen and then we’ll go to bed.”

First Obsticle

No movies.

Kind of an important part of showing the movies is actually having movies.

He was under the impression his mom had them, but she is swearing up and down that we have them. We don’t. Off we went, traipsing all over the county in search of these two movies.

The good news – we were good to the entertainment business and bought them instead of downloading them.

The bad news – we had to go to Walmart (I’ve got dreads, I consider there to be few that trump this place in it’s level of evil). However, as – what I would consider – luck would have it, Walmart didn’t have what we were after either.

However, as an almost plead of forgiveness from the Universe, we rushed to the co-op to get some lunch.

Please hippie deities! Forgive us for our almost-slave-production-support! One organic tofu sandwich, please, with extra local produce lacing it! Nom!

Obstacle #2 and #3

The next obstacle we faced was no projection screen. We had a borrowed projector, but nothing for it to project to! We tried to contact our former boss, who was the donator of the projector, to see if he could help us out, but we ended up never hearing back from him. The subject was forgotten (at least by me) until we arrived at the venue, however it was masked by another problem waiting for us.

Our last event was the art night. We have a featured artist, keep their work up for the month, and then put the next artist’s work up. That being said, upon arrival, all his paintings were off the walls and in his van.

Unaware of the problem as I got the coffee area ready, my boyfriend came and stood in front of me, emphatically drooping his shoulders and putting on his wet-cat face (you know, the face cats make when you give them a bath).

“What’s wrong?”

“He took down all his art!” A lip pooched out and a drastic sign escaped.

I had nothing to say to that one. I hate to say it’s not my department, but it’s true. I had no idea what had gone on between the artist and my boyfriend, the agreement made or anything of the like. There wasn’t a whole lot I could do.

I returned my focus to the coffee area, and before long, I could see the solution to the no screen problem that would not have been possible had the artist not gone about his art-like business. He was projecting onto the now blank wall in the back.

Not long after, the artist began bringing his paintings back in, and putting them up again.

Crisis averted.

With all issues dealt with and put away, my boyfriend was feeling a bit more optimistic, and asked for his hot chocolate. Six o’ Clock came and there was nothing to it but to wait for our audience.

We waited.

and waited.

and waited.

at 8:30 we decided that it wasn’t worth waiting any longer. It was snowing in Bellingham, which was probably hindering the event. And also, no advertising other than Facebook.

Juggling Blog, Think Piece and Boyfriend

It’s getting tricky. It’s silly that it is, because it all is so simple, if I were left to my own devices.

It’s saturday morning, I am in my PJs, armed with a glass of water to combat the charlie-horse I’m experiencing, and ready to tackle my blogging tasks for the day.

It is for the following reasons that I prefer to get up far earlier. Less distractions.

Boyfriend comes in and begins talking to me about events that Think Piece has planned. I get frustrated because they’re overlapping our anniversary. It’s blogging time, not Think Piece time.

He then tries another approach, talking about searching for jobs and WorkSource. I show him what I’ve been doing, tell him where I’m looking, and so on. He turns it back to Think Piece.

It’s not Think Piece time, it’s Blogging time.

….silence for a couple minutes. A text message distracts him….He begins asking me about the videos I worked on last night.

It’s not Think Piece time! It’s Blogging Time!

I know I sound mean, and cruel, and it would appear that he’s just wanting to spend the morning with me. But the conversation has happened over and over – I am the height of my productivity in the morning, I write better in the morning, I accomplish more in the morning. We have both agreed that I don’t do Think Piece related things until noon. That was his suggestion that I agreed to.

In the mornings, I need to be able to do my own thing, be left to my own devices. Once again, this is why getting up at six in the morning suits me quite well. He doesn’t get up until nine, so I have three full hours to do what I need to do, uninterrupted.

Either way, the end result was he stormed off into the office.

When I get distracted, I have a very hard time getting on track. And juggling these three things is only going to get more complicated as time goes on as well.

Besides, I’m trying to kick my caffeine addiction – it ain’t pretty.

Hot Coco Kinda Day

I was meant to be at work in half an hour – you know, my under-the-table, cash-in-hand, fill-in job. However, the heavens opened last night, and it began to snow.

snow 05(The Above Image is actually the field across from us having flooded. It’s not frozen, there’s ducks and the like playing in it, but you’re seeing our snowy yard plus flood)

Where I live, we are at sea level – we might even be below sea level! We are low. So if it’s snowing here, it’s snowing everywhere.

The pity of it is that if the coffee house were still open – the gardens would look fantastic, and would be enough to draw a crowd from anywhere. However, that is not the case, best not to dwell on it.

I was told that there was the likelihood that it would carry on this way until 4am tomorrow.

Think Piece, however, does in fact have an event scheduled at the Japanese Gardens today, you know, the place that I’m supposed to be working in half an hour. We’re still deciding if it should happen. It’s just a double movie feature, a Save The Princess sort of day, showing Shrek and The Princess Bride. Honestly, I feel that it is the perfect day to gather in a group and watch a couple movies while drinking a nice delicious warm drink made by yours truly.
snow 03

But we live in Washington State, and on the west side of the mountains. We don’t know how to handle snow, we aren’t gutsy enough to attempt it either. The event might have to be called off. No princess saving today.

snow 02