A Think Piece Art Night

Last night was Think Piece Productions’ first art night at the old venue. As mentioned before, I was not thrilled for many reasons – the up-most being that I don’t want to support that venue any more.

I also, more often than not, have to be the bad guy when it comes to Toby’s ideas, which are huge and great ideas, but generally a little bit bigger than we can handle. So it’s my job to scale him back without hurting the pride. This events what an attempt, and failure at that. I was not able to scale back the HUGE.

The. Event. Was. Amazing.

I did exactly what I wanted my part to be: show up and make coffees. I didn’t get paid, I just worked for tips – and I made more than I would have had I been getting paid my pre-salary rate.

The coffee house itself made more on coffees and drinks alone in an hour and a half than it does on a full typical busy day. The door made more, we were able to pay both the DJs that came out and still make a profit, which is kind of unheard of for us when we throw events.

The artist was Robert Bauder, and he truly is eclectic in his styles.


He brought a great crowd as well, and the DJs were great as well – Breathing Seasons and 5PiNGS. I was worried that they’d be a little too dancy, but they were prefect for the art show.

The event didn’t go to late, and peaked pretty early, but still late enough that we were able to break even in all aspects of the event, and leave people feeling pretty good about the night. I think that if we asked Mr. Bauder to come back and be a featured artist again, he wouldn’t hesitate, and what’s more, we made a name for Think Piece Productions aside from just filming metal and industrial bands in Seattle.

The venue I think was impressed with us as well, which was something that was nerve wracking. As I said before, they used to be our employers, and it really could have gone either way as to how receptive they might be toward us.

On a personal note, the even better news is that I don’t dread going back there for the other events we have booked. I look forward to it, which is a huge weight off my plate. I am done with the anxiety from that place, and if these events can keep going well, and I can just be Think Piece Productions‘ barista, then I’ll be a pretty happy camper.

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Best Part:
No after party at our house 😉