Word count Update Again

I’m shocked that I’m keeping up with my delayed NaNoWriMo. There was a day or two where I was lagging a bit, but I’m slightly – ever so slightly ahead of the game.

I started on December 5th, seeing as I was needing the quarter/finals to end before I got into any project requiring my attention. And now, 7 days into it, I should be at 11,669 words. Not only have I reached that, but at this moment, I have just entered in my 11.901st word, putting me around 250 words into tomorrow’s goal.

Now, if we want, again, to count the words that I’ve been writing altogether that don’t necessarily go towards my novel-in-the-making, then I’ve got some 14-1500 words just in blogging, which really does get me past tomorrow’s word count goal.

However, it is National Novel Writing Month for a reason – the word count is meant to go towards writing a novel in 30 days. So onward I continue – simply being pleased that I’m writing so much at all!

Who knew that I could find satisfaction in a five-week vacation during my most loathed time of the year!

One week of winter break down, four more to go.

Indecision and an Update

Starting word count of the day: 5,327
Current Word count of the day: 7,707
Goal for end of the day: 8,335
And for those of you following my plot direction quest (I need your Help!) – I still haven’t decided if she’s remembered or not. I’ve started writing both to see which one inspires me more, but I’m still struggling as there’s a lot of good directions both can take.


I Need Your Help!

Does she know, or doesn’t she?

I have this character that I see going two different ways. I’m trying to figure out which way to go. She could be fully aware of this awful thing of her past, or she could not and that can be an added depth to the story where she regains her memory of it….Any thoughts? If she does remember it, then she can either a) still be engaging in actions which are a residual result of said past thing though showing little signs of mental/emotional anguish of it since she has a release or b) be completely mentally messed up from it.
Readers you tell me!

Unofficially, the quarter continues

I think I have a school problem. This morning I got up with every intention of working on my Nanowrimo attempt – my 1667 words plus the 220 that I didn’t get to yesterday. Yet here I am (well, literally here I am writing a blog entry, but ignore that part), going over my final essay for my British Literature class and thinking that I’m going to go through and complete it.

The essay was due – and turned in – last Wednesday, but considering that I hadn’t really picked what I wanted to write about until early Monday morning, I was pushed for time. So, while my essay was 14 pages long, I only got as far as the Victorian Era, and never really got to fully develop the points and ideas I was wanting to include.

My teacher finally posted the grade as well as the comments to my essay. She’s always really good about uploading a commented version of the essay as well, which I decided to look over this morning. I was shocked to see how positive the comments were – not that she is negative in any means. On the contrary – she’s an extremely supportive teacher, really wonderful and excited about what people have to say. However, I expected a lot of points about needing to expand on ideas, since that’s what I feel like that essay needs. Only once was a comment similar to that nature brought into light, and that was more asking for an explanation of the technique of a poem that I chose to use to make my point. Other than that, they were suggestions for readings she thought I might like.

Nevertheless, I am delving into that essay again, wanting to complete it and make it what I want it to be. As mentioned in my last post where I shared Creative Ideas for Starving Artist’s post about the lack of creativity and thinking in our culture, I wanted to make my essay have a point – aside from the general evolution of the question of Humanism. I wanted it to be an argument as to the importance of keeping the arts in school.

So, four days into my winter break, and I am still working on my essay, I am still creating a piece that I want to be perceived as fit for publication.

Why can’t I just relax?

Of Course I’m Stuck!


Today I am at 1,349 3,849, trying to catch up. The goal is an average of 1,667 words per day, so today I should be up to 3,334 5,001 (ish).

Yesterday rendered me completely unable to write anything due to work schedule and prior obligations (though I don’t entirely count seeing a live show as an obligation, just something planned well in advance). So today I have been scrambling to catch up.

The good news is that in years passed, page 6 has always been the farthest I’ve been able to get to before hitting the writer’s block. And I haven’t hit it yet at page 7 – nearly 8! I assure you, this is worth celebrating.

However, the bad news is that I am just bored with the scene. I could skip over parts, but I’m afraid that if I don’t continue on in a linear fashion then I won’t make my goal, and I’ll hit writer’s block much faster. So I write a bunch of non-subsequent scenes that I’ll a) get lost, or b)run into my Nanowrimo demise sooner than my 50,000-word goal.

I’m still working on it, I’ll see if I can push through the boredom of the scene.