Tarot and Learning a New Language

Since this is language-related and writing-related, I thought I’d share my recent post from my other blog.

On Mondays, I like to do what I unofficially call ‘Monday Musings.’ I write something that’s on my mind about Tarot, which is what my other blog is about. Today’s musing was about how learning Tarot is like learning a new language.

Since I strongly believe that writers really need to pick up a set of divination cards or tools for their writing because it’s shockingly helpful (read Tarot-Inspired Life by Jayme Elford if you don’t believe me. She talks about using Tarot cards and Pendulums for writing), I thought I might stress that point here with this post.

Check out
6 Ways Learning Tarot is Learning a New Language

In spreads, the positions of the cards create the more complicated sentences. They’re what tell you that there are adjectivesadverbssemi-colons, etc. Furthermore, these positions tell you how the sentence fits together using all of these fancy grammatical terms.

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