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As a student-to-be, and recently unemployed, there’s a lot to think about and figure out, and a lot of learning and re-adjusting. This is the place where experiences are shared, lessons passed along, and wisdom is hopefully gathered.

I have a couple series on the go as well, but I can’t seem to keep up with a regular schedule with them, so they are for when I have the time/inspiration for them. They are as follows:

  • Holistic Learning
    Feel free to check out the introduction, what exactly it is that I mean by learning holistically – I’ll give you a hint, it’s not learning [specifically] about holistic healing. What Is Holistic Learning?
  • General Job Searching/Unemployment
    It’s a tricky business being unemployed. I want to post my learnings and experiences so that it might help others trying to figure out just how the whole system works.
  • Education
    This is the general theme of the whole blog, but considering I’m going back to school after 10 years, there’s a lot that I have to re-learn, that I am having to figure out to ensure I get into school (FAFSA and the like), and so on. This is also aimed at helping others attempting to return to school.

It used to be, before I lived nearly ten miles away from anything, that I would spend hours in a coffee shop, scribbling away my thoughts, stories, and worlds. I loved the atmosphere, the charm of the writer so lost in their own imagination and thoughts, the thick scent of espresso in the air. Now that I’ve been laid off, espresso based beverages are a luxury not easily obtained…

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