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At the beginning (ish) of 2014 I lost my job. The coffee shop I was working for shut down, and at 27, I decided I was done working disposable jobs. I was tired of working for those jobs that are getting squeezed out by the bigger business models, or those who want to tell me how I should wear my hair, the phrases I need to be sure to say, and very low wages I need to keep to.

So I decided to go back to school.

This blog is my journey through higher education and into a writing-related career.

I started at community college, realized I wasn’t too bad at the education thing, and aimed high. I got into Durham University, studying English and philosophy in England.

In this blog you’ll read about:

  • the differences between higher education in England and the U.S.
  • navigating funding all of this, life as a ‘mature’ student
  • tips for how to be a student as well as function in the adult world by working to support myself
  • obligatory social commentary,
  • some discussions on philosophy
  • and finally, my road to getting published.

Goals for this blog are:

  1. Give confidence to anyone that it’s never too late to go back to school
  2. To understand the experiences I’m having and the classes I’m going through
  3. To show the process of idea-forming and bringing to fruition, candidly displaying the ups and downs and failures
  4. Keep a blog going
  5. Have fun

Have any suggestions? Please feel free to get ahold of me, let me know what you think I’m missing, if I’m off kilter entirely, or what’s working. The only way I can improve is through feedback.

So, did I mention I’m a student? Go on, buy me a coffee.

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