Word count Update Again

I’m shocked that I’m keeping up with my delayed NaNoWriMo. There was a day or two where I was lagging a bit, but I’m slightly – ever so slightly ahead of the game.

I started on December 5th, seeing as I was needing the quarter/finals to end before I got into any project requiring my attention. And now, 7 days into it, I should be at 11,669 words. Not only have I reached that, but at this moment, I have just entered in my 11.901st word, putting me around 250 words into tomorrow’s goal.

Now, if we want, again, to count the words that I’ve been writing altogether that don’t necessarily go towards my novel-in-the-making, then I’ve got some 14-1500 words just in blogging, which really does get me past tomorrow’s word count goal.

However, it is National Novel Writing Month for a reason – the word count is meant to go towards writing a novel in 30 days. So onward I continue – simply being pleased that I’m writing so much at all!

Who knew that I could find satisfaction in a five-week vacation during my most loathed time of the year!

One week of winter break down, four more to go.

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